We aim to provide a public stage for great stories that can be told in a movie that is 6 minutes or shorter. We will award recognition to filmmakers who have shown imagination and skill in crafting these movies. We will foster the art of filmmaking in local communities through donations to schools and organizations.

6 Minute Film Festival • Summer 2013

The 6 Minute Film Festival premiered Saturday June 22, 2013 at the Fountain Valley Recreation Center in Fountain Valley, California. Among the audience were many local filmmakers and crew whose work would be playing that night.

That evening twelve films, divided into topics "Views", "Funny" and "Humanity", lit the screen. What we saw made us wonder, laugh and cry just a little. When the screening finished, the audience cast votes to determine the winner of the premiere 6 Minute Film Festival.

The Final Cut by Marcus Mathews and Treasure by Bens Hilaire tied as runner-ups to the winning film. The crew from The Final Cut came forward to receive honors and a few limited edition festival baseball caps.

El Toro by Juan Diego Ramirez emerged as the winning film of the premiere 6 Minute Film Festival for Summer 2013. Tom Sandoval, from the film, came forward to receive the award and iPad Mini for Juan. The night concluded with the sound of applause and picture taking. We invite all to return for the next 6 Minute Film Festival coming Summer 2014.